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Ice Rink

Ice Rink
With winter coming, the days are shorter and greener, so you have to take advantage of the city’s best, and a good option is to enjoy the ice skating rinks, it’s a fun option for all ages, and you can believe, the fun will be guaranteed.
There are several ice rinks in the city, but if you’re in Old Town, a great option is the lane next to Freedom Square, which is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and runs until the end of March, where you rent skates + 1hr of skating for 9 Euros, and if you do not have much skill with skates there is a base for you to lean on, thus making it easier to stand.

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In addition to skating you will enjoy a beautiful view of the church of St. Nicholas and for being outdoors enjoy to go when the weather is more open, the winter sun plus the light, everything is so magical and inviting.
Every day happens the regular cleaning of the ice, where the tractor enters the lane and all people have to leave; it takes 15 minutes, soon after the cleaning take advantage to return the track fast, it becomes perfectly smooth, and thrown yourself on the ice, because falling is part and everything is more fun.

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