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The sun is necessary to survive in Estonia

The sun is necessary to survive in Estonia

There are almost 06 months of Estonian winter, the will to see the sun and feel it already screams in here. Moments of sunny days and positive temperatures, this time of the year is a rare occurrence. To make up for this lack of the sun, the way is to take vitamin D, and it’s not any, the dosage I use is 4000 IU, but there comes a time when all you want is to feel the sun, winter may be beautiful, but it does not make you warmed. I usually joke that is days of light and not days of sun, in winter you spend so much time living gray days that when that little yellow dot appears, it is such an amazing sensation that when he appears your energy already changes, your mood, everything becomes more beautiful and more incredible. I am not particularly a person of gray days, sometimes it is not at all easy to be immersed in a fall followed by a winter of 06 months with negative temperatures, dark days and a chill wind.

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In Estonia the months of November, December and January are days of low light, in December you already start to realize that the sunrise is at 10:00 am and the sunset is around 3:00 p.m., when it really has sun, because a lot of time the feeling is that you just plugged a half light there during your day and soon this half light will start to get diffuse and it will already fade, and so you will live on dark, cold days and they seem to have no end. Walking through the streets becomes harder and harder, so you get more reclusive at home, and your fun is only possible indoors, such as bars, restaurants and friends’ houses.

But February has arrived and we are already eyeing the spring that arrives on March 20, and thus the days are getting longer and longer, the sunrise begins at 08:00 and the sunset is at 17:00, and this is very hopeful, it is very good to think that in almost 1 month walking and being on the streets is not so painful, to be able to sit on a bench in the square, to stay outside without the wind bothering you, to see the flowers and trees creating life again … oh! how delicious is to think of all this, another delicious season will start and more moments of light and energy. Only when you live all this, you really begin to understand this lack of this wonderful vitamin D that in our Brazil has 100% of free in our favor. Come with me on this ride on a sunny day in Tallinn. Click Here!!!

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