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European winter coat

European winter coat

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One thing you can be sure of, forget all your clothes you brought from Brazil thinking they would warm you up. Do you know that gorgeous top that you always kept to use in some colder winter in Brazil? It will probably be very useful for spring in Estonia, when winter comes the only thing that will help you warm up for sure will be that heavier coat, and they have to fulfill the function of being waterproof, protect you from the snow, have hood and clear have to be a thermal coat, at least some 3 layers of fabric. I venture to say that my coat weight is almost 2kg.

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As soon as the first snow fell around here began my pilgrimage for a boot that really warmed my feet and a coat, because the thermal clothes I already had, it serves as a second skin. So it followed my search first for department stores such as New Yorker, H & M, Zara, Crop and among others.

I confess I even found some interesting coats in these stores, but nothing that gave me confidence that they would actually warm me, so I started to look at the brands specialized in a hostile climate, the Tallinn Sportland has several brands that you can really trust, I’ve never been a person driven by the impulse to buy for the brand, but the decision of a good coat with sure moved me to look for the brands specialized in cold, and my coat was chosen by the North Bend brand, a Swedish brand and of course I took into account the price too, where I was able to buy it with almost 50% off and still so I found the price well pulled, it was 99.00 Euros spent so I could finally feel warm in this icy country.

I can say with certainty that it was the best money spent on clothes, it really fulfills all the functions, the only problem is that for now I will stay the whole winter wearing the same coat and of course until you get more winter sales.

Clicking on the following link you watch a short video of my style here in cold days, ah, the zipper of the jacket opened in the photos and video were only for a few seconds, it is impossible to be without the closed zipper. Click HERE!!!


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