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The ice breaker ship of 1914 – Tallinn – Estonia

The ice breaker ship of 1914 – Tallinn – Estonia




Welcome aboard the Great Toll Icebreaker!

If you are passionate about sea life, you have to visit the Maritime Museum of Estonia!

The museum was founded in Tallinn on the initiative of former captains and sailors in 1935; its main exhibition is located in the Fat Margaret tower, which is in the Old Town. The Maritime Museum is one of the largest museums in Estonia and the most popular, particularly thanks to the Seaplane Harbor exhibition, which is located further away from Old Town at Vesilennuki tee 6, Tallinn.

In the maritime museum, you find an authentic Lembit 1930s submarine, boats and gliders, an old steamship and the Great Toll I visited and fell in love with.

The Great Toll is one of three early 20th century steam icebreakers preserved in the Baltic Sea. It was built in Germany, and arrived in Tallinn on July 2, 1914.

I invite you to come on board with me and get to know a little more about this ship.

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