Aqui conto minhas experiencias na Estonia



Japanese food is certainly one of my favorite dishes, and I always want to try new restaurants specializing in Japanese food, and my favorite in Tallinn is undoubtedly the Shushi Plaza (Narva maantee 6 –

It looks more like a temakeria than a restaurant, the atmosphere is very pleasant, it is two floors, the first floor has tables for a larger group of people and the second being more reserved and with a more diffused light and easy access to the bathroom. It is located outside the tourist center, located next to the Viru mall. The menu is very diverse, Chinese dishes, salads, soups, sushis, nigiri, sashimi, some vegans and for those who love meat and do not like fish, you will also be satisfied with the menu options, believe me, there are nigiris of chicken, I’ve tried it and I can say they are delicious.

Of course, most Japanese restaurants are not 100% true to Japanese culture, dishes are set according to the palate of the country but for me the best will always be the choices of sashimis.

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Another thing that I found incredible was the price which is excellent, 10 pieces of nigiri for less than 10 Euros, and you have the option of ordering the sushi in full size or normal size, and I’ll tell you, the big size are really great pieces that you can not swallow in the mouth.

Another Japanese restaurant that I had the pleasure to meet was My Sushi, unlike the Sushi Plaza that only has one in Tallinn, you find my sushi at various addresses in the city. My sushi is not so interesting so your order takes time, the sushis are small, and they are not so tasty and you will pay the same price as the sushi plaza, so I will state again, sushi plaza is one of my favorites.

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