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New Year’s Eve IN TALLINN

New Year’s Eve IN TALLINN

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Goodbye old year and Happy New Year!

When you are in a new country the expectation of the turn of the year is always surrounded by a lot of anxiety, the culture is different, the climate is different, and all this helps make your year start incredibly different, and of course I would like to see the party of the new year’ eve in a new country.

I informed myself that the city party takes place in Freedom Square, but before I went there to choose our restaurant for the our last dinner of the year that goes away, and the chosen one was the restaurant Platz (, it is located in a region of the city of which I am simply in love, the Rotermann!


The restaurant is beautiful, in a more rustic style, well in my own way, however the menu is well cared for, and the food is good but not worth the price paid, this is because I always compare to the restaurants I’ve been here, and I tell you with certainty, you can eat very well in Tallinn paying little.

After dinner we walked to Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak 9, 10142 Tallinn), it was the first time I saw this incredibly crowded city on the street, everyone wanted to get to the square to see the fireworks. At the entrance of the square, there were two people checking bags for security, but nothing to worry, nothing serious, and on stage was already the president of Estonia making his speech for the last day of the year.

As soon as the speech was over, the countdown to the turn of the year began, and so the fireworks lit up, there were no more than 10 minutes of fireworks, and then was finished, then a crowd began to leave the square, literally leaving, and I think, okay, when does the party start? .. rsrs … started some shows of Estonian singers, and so we went to the Christmas market, we followed the flow, it seemed that the party was going around, and believe, in the market of Christmas the sound was much more interesting, we stayed there a little and soon we went home.

I am very grateful for this city that welcomed me with open arms and that the year of 2018 is incredibly passionate and delicious as I feel in Tallinn, this city that has already stolen my heart. I love you beautiful!!

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