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Resident Permit – Estônia

Resident Permit  – Estônia

Before I even start writing about it, I can not believe I’m writing about it! This is one of the promises I made to myself, as soon as I had my ID in hand I would talk about it so that somehow through this post I can help someone as well as get divine and human help so that today I could write about.

As soon as my husband and I moved to Estonia, we brought all the most important documents you can imagine (already with a sworn translation). We informed through the Consulate of Estonia in Brazil what documents were needed so that we could have everything very right. And so we were informed that in my case in the position of wife, my request for residence could be given through our stable union.

When we arrived in Tallinn we set a date and time through the police website to take the documents to our resident permit, but upon entering my request we discovered that we would need our stable, apostilled union. We requested a second copy of the sworn translation from Brazil and apostilled and so we delivered to the police and waited. After almost 2 months waiting for my husband’s ID had come out, in his case it was simpler because he had entered the process through a work contract.

On the day we went to get my husband’s ID, it was 2 days before my visa in Europe expired, we found that my application for permission had not yet been assessed, I had to wait. So I was guided by the police officers that I had to make my extension request at that time, since after 90 days in Europe I would be illegal, then my extension request was made along with a letter that I was asked to write by myself explaining because I was requesting an extension of my stay. I had to buy health insurance right at that moment through an internet site because it had to be attached to my extension request.

I as a Brazilian could ask for an extension for 90 days, but at that moment, I thought, I will ask for 30 and wait, since already they should give me an answer on my residency process. And so it was, passport handed over to the police next to my order and waiting for them to call to say if I was allowed the request. I waited for 3 days and on the third day I received an email from the police saying that my request for a residence permit had not been accepted because Estonia did not consider our union stable for almost 09 years as an official marriage document, and soon after a police call saying that my extension request would have been accepted that I could go get my passport.

And soon there was a rush to get married in Estonia, we went to the Vital Statistics Department in Tallinn on the same day, there you must deliver a bachelor’s certificate with a minimum validity of 06 months from both parties, which we were able to get the same day at the Brazilian embassy in Tallinn, passport, birth certificate, fill out a form with some personal information, pay a fee and mark the wedding date, however that date can only be booked after 30 days of the date of the order entry.

But, I would have to retake my extension request from the police, since my visa would expire even before the wedding date, the extension request can only be made before 03 days after the expiration of the first extension. And there we went again to make this request, we had to explain the whole process that we had passed so far as reported above and show a document that was our proof that we had actually scheduled to hold the wedding in Estonia, but this time I could ask for more 60 days extension since the first one was granted me 30 days, but the police informed me that it would not be necessary to ask the 60 days and yes + 30, since when you get married in Estonia the marriage document is already interconnected with the police , and they have access to this document very fast.

So it was done, I waited, and it was accepted and we were able to get married. On the same day of the wedding, they already delivered the document of married to us, to ensure I sent a copy of the document via mail to the address that the police informed to me. As the wedding was on Saturday I waited for Monday so I could go to the police and make sure they were given this marriage certificate again; when I arrived at the police they informed me that I would not have to deliver the marriage certificate since they had already verified my certificate in their system.

I was told that I could wait that within a maximum of 01 week I would receive an email from the police to go get my ID. The same day I received an email from the police saying that my application for a residence permit was approved, with my number ID, and soon after a week, I went to get my ID.

Grateful to God, the saints and angels and all the people who have helped us in some way.

The passion for Tallinn, for Estonia is so big that at no moment I did not believe that it was not going to be all right. Positive thinking, a lot of faith and work and so everything went well. If you have any questions, please, let me know, I would be happy to inform you in any way.


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