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Spa Day

Spa Day

A good massage is always welcome, and a day spa on chilly days is an incredible gift for yourself.

When the cold arrives, you look for alternatives to feel better on cloudy days, since you hardly see the sun and the days are getting more and more cold, after all the winter is coming.

I chose the Thai Orchid Spa (Address Aia 4 / Vana-Viru 13 – Tallinn) for an incredible session of dry sauna and Thai massage. When you arrive at the Spa, you are welcomed with tea and waiting in a room with a more diffused light, already in this waiting room, you already feel emblazoned in Thai culture, sound to relax, small Buddha statues, lit candles, and a characteristic incense smell in the air.

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After a few minutes, you are already taken care of by a Thai woman, where she first leads you to the dry sauna environment. The dry sauna is very small, can fit a maximum of two people. The attendant provides you with disposable panties and a glass of ice water for you to drink before, during and after the sauna. After 30 minutes of sauna I took a shower and went to the massage; the massage room is right next to the sauna, so I wore the bathrobe provided, and soon I was lying on the bed, which is on the typical Thai soil.

For everything to be wonderful from start to finish I turned my head off the outside world from the moment I entered, after all the goal was total relaxation, and so it was, an hour and a half of relaxing massage complete with oil. I was fascinated by the massage, I hoped it was only in the back of the body, but to my surprise and joy, the massage was all over the body, front and back, from head to toe. I can say with certainty that the Thai massage is one of the best that I have done until today, I left there stepping on clouds.

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