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Tallinn’s highest region – Toompea

Tallinn’s highest region – Toompea


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Walking through Old Town in Tallinn is like stepping back in time, a medieval town so well preserved!

Do not stick to tourist itineraries, walk around the city, enjoy every point, corner, so that you can live the real meaning of that place.

In Tallinn I have my darling points, those who never tire of passing by and admire them every day. Toompea is one of those places where the city really catches you and messes with your senses!

The reasons why the Toompea region is truly amazing is that you can see the city from above. Upon arriving at the top of Toompea, you will find a part of the wall that protected the city, in this wall you can climb without paying, because there they have a cafe, which is open to the public.

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Just behind the wall, you can meet the incredible Orthodox cathedral Alexandre Névsky, it was built between the years of 1894 and 1900 when Estonia was dominated by Russia, super worth the visit, it is incredibly beautiful inside and it is mandatory to stop to admire it the outside.

Going to the right we continue to climb Toompea, we go to two observatories to admire and drool in the city. The first is the Patikuli Trepp, this is the highest point and risk to say is the most incredible place to admire Tallinn and is without doubt the my favorite place. Soon after, a little further down come the Kohtuotsa Vaateplas, which does not lose to the first observatory, but this in particular gets more crowded with tourists.

For you to feel all that you just read, I invite you to watch the video and feel this real sensation of this incredible region that is Toompea. Click HERE!!!!

A kiss and a frozen hug for you, but that does not stop being warm, because here the Brazilian Vitamin D still runs in the veins … rsrsrs

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