Aqui conto minhas experiencias na Estonia

Inside the cube called Koda!

Inside the cube called Koda!

I received an invitation from the Estonian culture website to meet Koda, and today I want to tell you what my experience was like.

My stay at Koda was fantastic from the first moment until the last, well before meeting it personally I had already fallen in love with the photos on his website, and I was super excited to be able to live this experience of staying in a hotel where you feel like you are at home. When I arrived at Koda the day was incredible, there was snow all around the house and a wonderful sun that brightened up that day, all that atmosphere already conspired to make sure my stay would be fantastic and it was.

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Already with the number of my Koda’s house, and the password in hand to open the door, there I ran to meet it inside. When looking outside you are super curious to know what they have there inside that box, because the Koda format is quite interesting, it’s literally a 26 square meter square that draws attention from the outside and draws curious looks wondering what’s inside.

As soon as I typed my password and the door opened my reaction was a super nice surprise, and I can see that the photos I saw on the Koda’s website is exactly the same as I was seeing right there in front of me.

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I spent a few minutes in the door looking and thinking how everything was well planned and thought, not only the space was totally taken advantage of but also the decoration is very beautiful and inspiring. Right on the living room table was a welcome message and chocolates, how could I not love it? As I am a chocolate lover, I was already conquered for the first moment, and the surprises did not end there, right next door I had a discount coupon of 5 Euros from a wine shop Carpe Vinum, which is located just next door of Koda.

After the first glances I went to explore the house, are two floors, the first have the living room with the kitchen of which have microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and basic utensils you need such as dishes, cups and cutlery, and right next to the kitchen have a door where is the bathroom with towels and toiletries.

The living room have two super comfortable armchairs where I stood there enjoying a book and a glass of wine while I watched the snow making the party in Tallinn.

Upstairs is the bedroom, a double bed with pillows and super special blankets that made me dream about the angels. The next day when I woke up and opened the curtain of the living room window I stood there for a few minutes watching the beautiful Old Town, seen through the window of the Koda. The location is super strategic for those who want to tour the old town, you just need to cross the street and soon you are in the main sights of the city and super easy access to tram and bus stops.

When staying at Koda you are entitled to breakfast at the MÖT cafe, upon arriving at the cafe you inform that you are staying at Koda, give your room number and you are ready, just choose the option that suits you best through the selected menu, it was certainly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had the chance to try.

At the end of my stay at the Koda it was my wish to be able to share it with everyone about my stay and assured that the Koda was an experience that I would gladly repeat.Click Here

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