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Chinese food in Tallinn: Wok to Walk!

Chinese food in Tallinn: Wok to Walk!

Chinese food in Tallinn: Wok to Walk!

No time to eat and want to avoid fast foods?
If you like Chinese food this will be your right choice!

Located in the Old Town on the Vana-Viru 14, great for those who are touring and want to enjoy the super fast passage through Tallinn without having to leave the Old Town.

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Specializing in Asian food the Wok to Walk is your right request at that time you really do not have time to sit in a restaurant and wait for your order. I love the places where I can customize my plate myself, and with affordable values. Then you can choose up to how much you are willing to pay, because each item on the menu that you add in your order has a specific value, each dish has values starting at 5 Euros.

I that have lived in China, I can assure you that the Chinese taste of Wok to walk is authentic and reminded me of some moments lived in China. The food, simple as it is, is capable of taking you back to such pleasant memories that the taste of recipes invades our palates before we even taste it, does not it? Well, that’s the good feeling of our gustatory memory.

The construction of tastes and preferences are extremely individual.

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What can be very good for me, may not be for someone else. The accumulation of experiences that we experience throughout our lives is what constitutes our taste. And it is totally changeable. I myself can quote a series of foods that had chills just thinking about eating when I lived in China and today I simply love.

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