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Maarjamäe Castle – “MY FREE COUNTRY”

Maarjamäe Castle – “MY FREE COUNTRY”

The exhibition “My Free Country” takes visitors on an incredible journey of 100 years, from the birth of the Republic of Estonia to the present day, there are important details of the history that draw attention to every detail in the exhibition.

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Important events and decisions unfold through fragments of memory, objects and movies, as well as through the different exhibition rooms. The exhibition describes the journey that Estonian people adopted to an independent state and how the republic was built, lost and found again.

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Visitors can experience each historical period through various activities proposed in each exhibition room, such as cycling through the cities, wearing old clothes and among others.

Everything is so curious and intriguing, to see a whole history of years being shown there for you inside a museum, makes you want to know even more about this incredible country that little by little was creating a nationalistic feeling and obtained, after much struggle its independence .

The most striking moment of the exhibition is to see the record of when more than two million people joined hands forming a human chain of over 600 km linking the three capitals: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius to get the world’s attention and ask for independence.

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It is to feel proud of a country that has been dominated, fought for its independence and is constantly evolving these days.

The exhibition ends in a design room, every year an artist shares his view of Estonia 1000 in this room, based on the idea that in 1000 years nature, technology and people have been completely intertwined. Click Here

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