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London – Part 01

London – Part 01
It’s almost impossible to define London in one word!
It has never been on my travel itineraries, much less on the list of cities I would like to visit. It just happened to have the opportunity to visit it. I met it without any pre-defined itineraries, without expecting much, because deep down I knew it would surprise me at every turn and give her show!
And wasn’t much more than that?
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Upon arriving at the airport we chose to take the underground to go to the center where we were staying; we bought the oyster card from which it gave us access to public transport, via bus and train. From the airport to the city center it takes a while, so just wait and enjoy the city via Tube, although there are several subway lines, there is no way getting lost, it is super easy to walk around London by metro.
As soon as you get off the subway, the first contact with the streets of London was simply a shivering from head to toe, in this second I felt a surreal energy of that city, London has plenty of energy, and this energy infects you, with your multiculture. In many places you have the sensation of being in a movie or series, I had this feeling in 2 distinct places of the city. Upon meeting Buckigham Palace, I went back in time because of the Victoria series I was accompanying and visiting the quarter of Nothing Hill, because I was passionate about the movie at a place called Nothing Hill. The surroundings of Buckingham Palace are as incredible as it, around it has the St. James park which brings you calm in the middle of a capital, just in front of you has the guard palace and going forward you will pass through the Big Ben of which was under renovation, next to it has the Westminter Palace which is incredible if observed from the middle of the Westminter bridge and long to his left to London Eye.
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I passed by the London Eye, I stayed down there for a few seconds watching it, it was certainly one of the points of the city that caught my eye, and moving along the banks of the River Thames I enjoyed that city with an incredible blue sky, a sun of 7 degrees, I was finding it sensational in the middle of winter in February, that temperature was simply delicious, that was a respite from a winter of temperatures up to -30 negative which was in the land of Narnia (Estonia).
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The next place that caught my eye was the Milennium Bridge, it’s a pedestrian bridge, if you had the opportunity to watch the movie Harry Potter, it appears on the film. Soon after Shakespeare’s Globe Theater comes, and is a faithful reproduction of the theater constructed in 1599, in which Shakespeare interpreted its works of more renown. Soon ahead comes the stoned London Bridge of which it is simply marvelous. At that time of my trip I was already exhausted from walking, since I made the whole journey on foot and I dismissed the subway, after all I wanted to feel the city and know each corner in a special way, and to enjoy that delicious sunny day to my desire was to have lunch there sitting on the banks of the River Thames, taking a little vitamin D, and so I did, I bought in the supermarket a pasta ready to eat, a small bottle of wine and a chocolate, and it was my lunch , enjoying every second of my stay in that vibrant city.

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I like to observe how people from different cultures and locals behave in their city, so I enjoyed this moment of delicious sunshine and sat there watching the boats move across the River Thames. London had a lot more to show me and at night I would still want to visit a pub and the next day they had many places to meet, after all, I could not leave London without knowing Camden Town. And to live a little of this experience, click on the following link and watch the video and come back later, because this was only the first part, I still have a lot to talk about and show from London to you. Click here

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