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Picnic – By Sushi Plaza

Picnic – By Sushi Plaza
Summer has come and nothing better than enjoying this season is enjoying your summer days with a picnic in a city park, so to get even more fun is to call friends so that they can enjoy good moments with you and enjoy one of my favorite foods, Japanese food!
The city’s most delicious sushi (Sushi Plaza) provided me with an incredible combination of flavors so I could enjoy that day with my friends and try the amazing sushi combinations.
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The Picnic was Brazilian, but with oriental food, and with guests of various nationalities, Estonia, Greece, India and Brazil, but one thing all had in common, lovers of oriental cuisine.
The most interesting thing is that each country makes the sushi adapted to the palate of the local cuisine, I remember that in Brazil all the sushi that I have tried was adapted to the Brazilian taste that did not please everyone, but Sushi Plaza totally surprised us at this point, because there were several nationalities gathered and one thing everyone agreed, that the sushi we were savoring was intensely incredible.
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When you live in a tropical country the sun is something so common and he is there every day to warm you and brighten your day that you simply forget how important he is in your life. So we should enjoy more moments of sun, recharge the energies, be in touch with nature, in contact with friends. Go to the park, the beach, the mountain, have your picnic and enjoy the summer, because the winter in Estonia is with negative temperatures and you will not be able to enjoy so much the external environment.

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Got your mouth watering for sushi? Sushi Plaza is located in Narva Maantee, 6 in Tallinn, go there and enjoy the delicious drinks that the restaurant also have to offer you while you wait for your Japanese food.
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