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Birgitta Festival

Birgitta Festival

Ever wondered what magic would be to watch the performance of a ballet in a ruin of an old convent? At the invitation of the culture website of Estonia I went to cover this incredible festival.

The Birgitta festival provides us with a magnificent presentation, during the festival there is an incredible program of music and performing arts that blend; are theatrical productions, classics and contemporary works.

As you enter the convent you already feel your own star, a red carpet stretched across the mediation of the ruins, guided your walk to the stage of the performances that night.

The Convent Pirita is the stage of the schedules, it was a monastery for monks and nuns dedicated to St. Brigitta, located in the district of Pirita, right there in the curve of a river.

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On a magical summer night where night turns day and the sun goes down in the lightness and enchantment of a beautiful scenic presentation of the ballet “Made in Usa”, a night of three parts of short ballets: “Serenade, Sofa, Lunar Sea – Noir Blanc “.

A super presentation of classical ballet, contemporary art, neoclassical ballet and also modern ballet.

The first piece presented was the ” Serenade ”; a ballet by George Balanchine, performed by 28 dancers in blue costumes. This was the first ballet Balanchine choreographed in America. The play is beautiful, it’s a story told in the form of dance about having hope. Balanchine originally choreographed Serenade in 1934 to the students of the American Ballet School in New York, shortly after his arrival in America.

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Just after the ” Serenade ” there was an interval and a moment of pause so that we spectators could reflect on that whole presentation full of deep reflection and beauty.

The outside area of the convent counted on the presence of delicious food and drinks, bars and restaurants where all the visitors could enjoy the delight of that day completely.

The next performance was Olivier Wevers’ ” Ballet Sofa ” choreography, the play is set around a sofa in scene.

A sofa is a great piece of furniture that most of us own. So much happens on him, we sit down, watch TV, jump, sleep, he is part of our life.

The tone of the piece presented is playful, the choreography draws attention to us because it is followed by curious movements, it is presented by male and female couples, they make leaping movements with their feet and arms. All this with a comedy tone around the sofa, one of the costumes of the piece is the same tone of the purple sofa.

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To end the night of breathtaking could not be better, Moses Pendleton and the company MOMIX. His stage production Lunar Sea – Noir Blanc, mix ballet, visual theater and multimedia. The Lunar Sea incorporates the use of illusionistic fantasies, lighting effects and physical images that defy gravity, resulting in a transport to places you never imagined.

Originally created as a 20 minute piece entitled Noir Blanc for Aspen Ballet (USA), this work explores the unique effects of black light, bringing dancers in magical ways through the use of costume and lighting effects.

For a few minutes I wondered hypnotized how the dancers were moving on the scene, because what we could see was only a black background with huge figures of blue, floating, flying, running and dancing on stage, it was as if we had seeing other beings, until at the end of the presentation when the lights light up and the dancers thank the applause of the audience we can understand and decipher all the magic we have just seen, this presentation with complete certainty closed the night with pure art and energy that was delivered to all viewers.

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