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Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm, the capital and largest city of Sweden and one of the most desired destinations by many.


It is part of the Nordic region and has one of the main airports in Europe, so it is easy to get there by plane, or ferry, as I have been.

For those who are or live in Tallinn and want to take advantage of the weekend to mark another point on the world map, the ferry is an easy and enjoyable way to get to know Sweden.

I chose the company Tallink (Baltic Queen):

  • The ticket was on sale: round trip, cabin for 4 people costed 132 Euros, an excellent price, without food included, but 33 euros for each person round trip? Could not be better. Usually you would pay 120 Euros or more per person.
  • Currency in Sweden:
    • Swedish Krona (SEK), 1 EURO is approximately 10 SEK.

I took the ferry at 7 o’clock local time in Tallinn and arrived in Stockholm the next day at 08:00 am Stockholm time.

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The cabin was ok, considering you are going to sleep two nights there; it has bathroom, TV, radio and 4 bunk beds, nothing super comfort, but you can rest. And if you’re traveling with a suitcase, you can leave it in the cabin while you stroll through Stockholm.

I had already had the experience of doing 7-day cruise in Brazil, so I had already slept on the high seas with the ship’s swing, but it is always strange the first night, you get a little nauseous and you are afraid to close your eyes, because the rocking of the ship bothers and sometimes; the scene that comes in your head is the famous titanic movie … rsrs …

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Inside the Ferry

Many attractions await you, presentations, shows, night clubs, and more.

The size of the ferry is impressive, considering it was not a cruise, it has several restaurants, supermarket, free shopping.

Now let’s talk about what matters, the prices inside the ferry.

Free shopping prices did not impress me, nothing very cheap and not very expensive. At the supermarket the prices of chocolates and drinks are excellent, worth buying, compared to Tallinn. Now if you are going to consume some food or drink either at the restaurants on the ferry or at the bars, I particularly did not find anything cheap.

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Arriving Stockholm

When you arrive in Stockholm, you are ready to know the main points of the city, knowing that your time will be spent, it is only 9 hours that you stay in the city. The tip is, to get around faster buy your transport card to ride the subway or bus, inside the ferry you can make the purchase, I paid 12.50 Euros.

What to do

As soon as I got off the ferry I walked to the nearest subway station, after all it is considered the largest art exhibition in the world with 110 km in length, it is amazing the works of art and one of those that caught my attention was the Blue Line at Central Station.

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Soon after, I took the opportunity to get to know the center of Stockholm, the old city, but it had many constructions, so I could not feel it and fell in love with the city, after all, I had very little time. I arrived at the center already with a desire to have lunch, so magically a kebab came up right in front of me in a fast-food style, I do not remember the name, but the price was ok.

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I returned to the ferry super tired of running around the city and wanting to have seen a little more, the time you stay in the city in this back turn is very short, I wish I had the opportunity to have breathed in the city, no matter how big city I’m not attracted to it, but when you take a leisurely walk it’s certainly more interesting.

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Important points about the city:


I chose the card that you can get as many rides as you want for 24 hours.

The city has all kinds of transportation and it is always good to search the fastest to reach your destination, because the city is quite big.

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We had no issues during the hours we were in Stockholm. We felt safe all the time.

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Well, compared to the prices of Estonia, it is much more expensive, mainly price of drink, but in the city there are several options. So it’s always good to take a walk before entering the first restaurant.

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Meat balls restaurant on the left

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